Learn the meaning of each letter in your name and discover how they influence your fate, character and capabilities

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The sum of the numerical values derived from the letters in your name, as well as the sum of the numerical values of all the vowels and all the consonants, helps to calculate three core numbers. However, Name Numerology is not limited to revealing the meaning of letters in names.

Almost all parameters of human names, patronymics and surnames hold a unique meaning. Now you may ask, “What do the letters in my name mean?” In the first place, you should calculate the frequency of each digit from 1 to 9 in your full name. In case you have a fairly long name, some digits that correspond to certain letters in your name will definitely repeat. And that is where we are opening a new dimension of the Name Numerology analysis.

Digits appearing twice point out strengths of a person. These should be decoded as per general rules. So, let us say, three or four 3s found in your name indicate your creative abilities, which you should develop – in every possible way. The case of repeating 5s suggests that you know no bounds and never abide by any standard rules; your love of freedom extends beyond any constraints.

However, should your full name lack any digit, you should be on the alert. Each missing number represents a Karmic Lesson. Before you understand this, you have to realise that before your birth, the set of chromosomes that makes you a separate and unique human being made a more than a ten-thousand-year journey. At some point, a part of your essence made a mistake, preventing one of its traits from development.

You should now make up for what is missing. The missing 2s, for instance, indicate an inherent lack of communication skills. It will take pains to cultivate it.

If all numbers from 1 to 9 occur in your full name with almost equal frequency, you are a complex and consistent person, living in harmony with the world and with your own self.

The most significant parameters also include the first and the last letters of your given name. These are Special Letters. The numeric value of the first one represents your motivation and reveals the reasons that push you to undertake action. The number of the last letter describes the inner determination that helps you get the job done or refuse to do it at all.

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