Path of life meaning – Discover and understand your life path through Numerology

The term “life path” has become rather a trivial expression. It has frequently been exploited by everyone – from self-proclaimed moralists to politicians having no morals altogether. And it works!

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What makes it so functional? Obviously, the fact that every human being is invariably interested to know the purport of their life. And 'purport' is the key word here, for it makes everything clear. The iron is heavy and hot, that’s what makes it work. The in-built qualities determine the purport. In this respect, people are quite similar to inanimate things: our inborn characteristics determine the scope of our abilities. Abilities, in their turn, determine our choices, while every choice is a step in life.

That's how the term “life path” is understood in Numerology: the sum of abilities that set the direction and, at the same time, help to take certain actions in this direction. In other words, the “heavy and hot” cannot fly. Just do your quiet ironing job; this is your purport. This is what you have been made for, this is your life path.

Calculating your Life Path Number based on the date of your birth

In Numerology, each of the nine single-digit numbers is associated with a particular set of personal characteristics. Interpretations may vary, while characteristics are always the same. It is the invariable basics of Numerology as a science.

The digits on your birthday help to calculate the Life Path Number and Birthday Number. Together, they form your own set of precise and unambiguous rules designed and intended exclusively for you. Once you are acquainted with it, it will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. And what's more, you will clearly see the final objective of all your current and future actions. The meaning of life – of your particular life – will soon cease to be a secret. You will be surprised to find clearly visible pavement markings applied on your Life Path.

The Life Path and Birthday Numbers convey messages that don't allow any variant reading. Once decoded, these two numbers unveil your preordained purpose. It's a waste of time and energy trying to betray your destiny. No one has ever done this.

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