Important And Dangerous Days

The study of Minor Numbers to identify specific important and dangerous days can be rightfully referred to as Higher Numerology. This area of numerological practices allows a person to avoid conflicts with the Universe. Conflicts which can't be settled with you as a winner.

On the other hand, knowing what special days are all about provides you with an opportunity to get everything from life, everything your innate personal qualities suffice for, and never make fatal mistakes leading to losses, troubles, or premature death.

In the core of this method lies the comparative analysis of two sets of numbers: Minor Numbers of one's date of birth and Minor Numbers of the particular day. Matches in the two sets represent the interceptions of the endless spiral of time with a short period of human life. And days marked by such matches are the days of scheduled checks, some kind of control of human activity exercised by the Universe .


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Important Days of the Year

There are three types of special days: favorable, troublesome and dangerous. The difference between these days is determined by a number of possible matches. Each special day type comes with specific recommendations, guidance and direct warnings. In the end, it all depends on the person, how they will be able to take advantage of this information.

Day Details

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