Chart Of Changes

Psychomatrix values provide the information on the annual changes in a person's way of thinking. Consequently, their perception of the world undergoes transformations as well. The relationship with the world around attains certain characteristic features corresponding to the type of the period . And, despite the coincidence of the duration of these periods, they have very little to do with the periods described by Personal Year Numbers.

There are two conceptual differences. Firstly, if Personal Year Numbers determine the transformation of opportunities and activation of specific abilities, the Chart of Changes indicates the changes in person's life philosophy, from the passive and contemplative to the most active.

Secondly, a nine-year cycle is a circle. Violation of the gradation sequence corresponding to numbers 1-9 is absolutely out of question. As for the Chart of Changes, there is no such sequence present here. A person can hold on to one type of relationship with the world around for several periods, or make a moral leap forward suddenly transforming their life philosophy by switching to higher efficiency.


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