Numerology number meanings

Numerology is a study about numbers and meanings. Numerology as a science is an attempt to regulate knowledge about humankind, to put that knowledge in order, measure it and give it a meaning. Needless to say how bad we are at understanding our spiritual impulses, evaluating our abilities and opportunities, realizing what we actually look like. When it comes to such difficult notions as “life destination” and “fate”, we find ourselves facing a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

Of course, we are curious and eager to know. That is why we attempt to express the unknown through the well-known, the difficult through the simple. What can be simpler and better known than numbers from 1 to 9?

Ancient fathers of Numerology did have a lot of practicality and common sense. It is so because a number is the answer not only to the question “which?”, but also “how many?”. It means that with its help one can define the number of a psychological type and a relative share of all qualities, which construct this type. One can also assess what qualities are numerous, what are few and what are totally absent in a person’s character.

Everything in this world can be expressed in the form of a number. It is because “the clever number expresses all shades of the meaning”. Every such number is a diamond in the age-old treasury of the most ancient science – Numerology.

Numbers from 1 to 9 and their connection with personal characteristics

What do numbers in Numerology tell about our personality?
Each number in Numerology corresponds to a combination of certain personal characteristics.

Number 1 Numerology MeaningNumber 1. Leadership ambitions, independence, determination, composure and resourcefulness. Number One reflects the image of a pioneer who knows exactly where to go. At the same time, this person is so much ahead of their “main group of followers” that in any difficult situation they have no one to count on. This person has both entire responsibility and laurel to themselves.

Number 2 Numerology MeaningNumber 2. Aspiration for balance, diplomacy, sensitivity and natural kindness. It is an image of a follower, who is always ready to help, support or give a good piece of advice. But there are no volitional decisions, unexpected changes of heart or wrong intentions. Peace and quiet will last even at the cost of this person’s own desires.

Number 3 Numerology MeaningNumber 3. Creativity, energy, charisma, “incurable” naivety and pathological rejection of monotony or routine. It is an image of a person who always remains a child, who turns their life into a game, where both they and people around are toys, just to prolong the pleasure of playing. Their motivation is driven by true interest to the world around.

Number 4 Numerology MeaningNumber 4. Solid rules, reliability, practicality, patience and inexhaustible supply efficiency. It is a person of a system, its basis and driving force. They do not like surprises and uncontrollable situations. This person spends the whole life working for the future, though they can never clearly understand what this future is about. They prefer “a bird in the hand” even in their private life.

Number 5 Numerology MeaningNumber 5. Aspiration for absolute freedom, diversity of nature, activity and sociability. It is an image of a “freelance” ready to sacrifice stability for having the right to choose. The high survival rate is based not on the firmness of the character, but rather on the belief that desperate situations do not exist.

Number 6 Numerology MeaningNumber 6. Compassion, predisposition to family life on the basis of mutual support, sensitivity, responsibility. It is an image of a person who is able to transform care about others into a creative process and disappear in it completely. It is a genius of unconditional love, who knows however, that everything in life has its price.

Number 7 Numerology MeaningNumber 7. Intensive but secret inner life, critical mind, ability to analyze, pedantry. This person believes that even the most difficult question has a simple answer, and is eager to find it in each case. Rejection of half measures and increased sensitivity often cause trouble and failure in their personal life.

Number 8 Numerology MeaningNumber 8. Good organizational skills, authoritativeness, determination, business passion, ability to make money and professional competence. It is an image of the “master of life”. Goals are defined, means of achieving them are counted in perfect order. There is a clear separation between personal and business life.

Number 9 Numerology MeaningNumber 9. Idealism, maximalism, daydreaming, generosity and true selflessness of intentions. This person’s nature is highly controversial. Their motivation is based on the belief that the “the highest” justice does exist. Once this belief is lost, their positive qualities turn into their opposites.

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