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Curiously enough, many people view Numerology with its growing popularity as an alternative knowledge to familiar, beloved Astrology. Moreover, adherents of Numerological analysis as a way to assess the compatibility of characters when choosing a partner often claim that exactly this method is the only right way, and only these results are to be trusted.

However, even the most superficial consideration of this issue is more than enough to understand: there may be no serious contradictions between the sciences, both based on elementary Astronomy and Mathematical Statistics. And how can they manifest themselves?

Well, are physical, mental, emotional and intuitive levels, explored by Numerology, not the same as the Elements of Astrology, Zodiac signs of Earth, Water, Fire and Air? What is the difference between inconstancy of Pisces of the Zodiac and inconsistency of the Numerological Five, between common sense of Libra and wisdom of the Seven, between Virgo's pedantry and the Four's practicality?

The thing is that Astrology operates with broader categories, while Numerology, by definition, is all about accuracy and precision. But, in the end, everything comes down to how deeply you want to be knowledgeable about the inborn qualities of human personality. If a general understanding suffices for you to make a conclusion about prospective compatibility of your character with your partner's character, Astrology will fully meet your needs. However, if you are interested in details, you need to arm yourself with patience. You will need plenty while studying Numerology. But first, try using a free on-line test for compatibility with your prospective partner.

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Numerological Horoscope of Zodiac Sign Compatibility

For every person, the search for an “ideal match” is not only an issue of their role in preserving the human species, but also a purely emotional need – we just cannot exist on our own. Perhaps, that is why the emotional, sensual component of any relationship is often the top priority when choosing a partner. And no one would say that it is bad. Just the opposite, it is wonderful. Another thing is bad.

Quite often we regard mutual attraction to each other, the so-called chemistry between people, as a sufficient ground to build a relationship. But very often this is not the case. Love suffices only for love itself, while stability requires something more tangible, more fundamental. In particular, it requires common views on life, coinciding aspirations and demands, similarity of habits.

And Numerological horoscope of Zodiac sign compatibility is exactly the thing that makes it clear whether such fundamental basis is present. Naturally, it is not about designing a precise portrait of your ideal partner; however, the information contained in the horoscope is more than enough to let you come to fairly well-founded conclusions and make a reasonable, mature decision.

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