What are Lucky Numbers in Numerology and how to use these numbers

Ask anyone, "Do you believe in Personal Lucky Numbers?" In nine cases out of ten, you will receive a negative reply with a complacent smile meaning: they look at things realistically, they don't believe in fairy tales and all this childish stuff. As to the tenth case, you will hear an embarrassed confession that yes, they believe, but “please don't laugh”.

And funny enough, at the same time, many high-rises – built by perfectly serious, grown up people! – skip the 13th floor. Why? The poor 13, or the Devil's dozen, is automatically considered unlucky. This is what many people believe. Excluding those born on the 13th. For birthday number is undoubtedly a lucky one. Automatically, of course.

As a matter of fact, number 13, as well as any other, can be anyone's lucky number, but this must be proved by certain (pretty simple) calculations.

Apart from the Birthday Number, there is a month and a year of birth, whose numbers, reduced to a single digit, are lucky numbers as well. This is not to mention the Master Number – your Life Path Number derived from your date of birth.

The same refers to numbers hidden in the full name – Expression Number and Soul Number. Mind that the set of your lucky numbers is not limited to these most prominent ones. One small step, and you will discover that virtually any number might be your lucky one, but – in the right order and time.

Every knowledge implies that it might be used for the good. If you know how to find your lucky numbers, you can plan your life in such a way that all of your actions will deliver maximum efficiency. Your confidence that you do it right and at the right time will give you a huge advantage. And the numbers will work in your favor of their own accord.

How to pick your personal Lucky Numbers

Those who don't have the slightest idea about Numerology – and Numerology of Lucky Numbers in particular – never wonder how to pick their Personal Lucky Numbers. At least, they never ask it directly. However, once in a while, everyone tries to guess – is this a lucky number? And what are my Lucky Numbers?

It does not necessarily concern a planned wedding day or an expected date of childbirth. As for these cases, no one remains skeptical. Moreover, many immediately fall for ridiculous superstitions or get haunted by vague anxieties. We are always so eager to have our Big date fall on a good round date, don't we? But why? There is no explanation.

The same happens when we are choosing a new car number plate or buying a SIM card. Subconsciously, we try to detect and decipher an omen of good luck in each and every random order of numbers. Relying exclusively on intuition, we don't even care to analyse.

However, it is nothing but easy to perform the necessary calculations and get an exact result. At least one of your Master Numbers will have a dominating influence over this particular situation. All you need is to check how much it correlates to the date of the event, a mobile phone or a car plate number, and you will get a definite answer, whether it is your number or not.

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